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This Land of Strangers - Robert E Hall

This Land of Strangers

"..the most important book of the decade." — Richard Boyatzis, co-author of best seller Primal Leadership

Relationships, in all their varied forms, have been the lifetime study of Robert Hall. He brings a rare combination of experience as a researcher, consultant, writer, teacher and CEO in dealing with the real-world relationship challenges of modern organizations. When coupled with a decade of hands-on experience in the gritty world of inner-city homeless families it translates into a tapestry of vivid stories, well-researched and oft startling facts, and strategic insights that weave together the yet untold narrative of society's gravest risk and most stellar opportunity.

Blog & Articles

Robert has published more than 150 columns, articles, white papers, and research studies on relationship. In addition to being a regular contributor at Huffington Post, his work has been published and discussed in Forbes, American Banker, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, The CEO Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing magazine, Computerworld, The Daily Beast, Business Week, The Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, The Detroit News, The Indianapolis Star and in international publications including Sydney Morning News (Australia), European Financial Management Association (London) and Relational Thinking Network (Cambridge, UK).

The Death of Relationships, by Ron Fournier, quotes Robert Hall, National Journal

Click here to read the article “The Death of Relationships” by Ron Fournier, quoting Robert E. Hall. Article originally appeared on, April 5 2013.

Atlanta teachers are accused of cheating. Yahoo bans telecommuting. A Rutgers basketball coach hurls balls and epithets at his players. Meanwhile, in Washington, the president and House Republicans can’t or won’t bridge their differences and regain the trust of voters.

These seemingly disparate strands have in common a single, sobering sociological trend: People today are more separate and […]



Our Relationship Crash: The Biggest Story Never Told, by Robert Hall

When you gather up all the numbers and make an index out of them – let’s call it the Flight from Relationships Index (FFR Index) – the trend becomes clear and sobering.   Remember that old Simon and Garfunkel song “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”?  The FFR Index might be called the 16 ways we have left our relationships.

Click here to read the whole article.



In Big Data, We Hope and Distrust, by Robert Hall, Huffington Post

“In God we trust. All others must bring data.” — W. Edwards Deming, statistician, quality guru

• • •

Big data helped re-elect a President, find Osama bin Laden, and contributed to the melt-down of our financial system. We are in the midst of a data revolution where social media introduces new terms like Arab Spring, Facebook Depression and Twitter anxiety that reflect a new reality: big data is changing the social and relationship fabric of […]