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This Land of Strangers - Robert E Hall

This Land of Strangers

"..the most important book of the decade." — Richard Boyatzis, co-author of best seller Primal Leadership

Relationships, in all their varied forms, have been the lifetime study of Robert Hall. He brings a rare combination of experience as a researcher, consultant, writer, teacher and CEO in dealing with the real-world relationship challenges of modern organizations. When coupled with a decade of hands-on experience in the gritty world of inner-city homeless families it translates into a tapestry of vivid stories, well-researched and oft startling facts, and strategic insights that weave together the yet untold narrative of society's gravest risk and most stellar opportunity.

Blog & Articles

Robert has published more than 150 columns, articles, white papers, and research studies on relationship. In addition to being a regular contributor at Huffington Post, his work has been published and discussed in Forbes, American Banker, Sales & Marketing Management magazine, The CEO Magazine, ABA Bank Marketing magazine, Computerworld, The Daily Beast, Business Week, The Dallas Morning News, Los Angeles Times, The Detroit News, The Indianapolis Star and in international publications including Sydney Morning News (Australia), European Financial Management Association (London) and Relational Thinking Network (Cambridge, UK).

Perpetual Halloween in Washington and the Ghost of Relationships Past, by Robert Hall, Huffington Post

In later centuries, people began dressing as ghosts, demons and other malevolent creatures, performing antics in exchange for food and drink. —

The broken relationships of our country’s leaders now place us in a perpetual season of Halloween. The ghost and goblins of relational vitriol now frighten us with never-ending default on the debt, divide in the midst of a glitch-filled rollout of the Affordable Care Act, and inaction on immigration. We have always had our differences but this relationship […]



Standing on Political and Religious Principle-That Doesn’t Stand on Us, by Robert Hall, Huffington Post

“In short, the problem now across the Arab East is not just poison gas, but poisoned hearts. Each tribe or sect believes it is in a rule-or-die struggle against the next.” — Thomas Friedman, “Same Country, Different War,” The New York Times, 9/7/13

This rule-or-die struggle describes not just the Arab East but the growing political and religious divide in this country. We are in the silly season playoffs in Washington with pressing issues on Syria, the fund/defund health care debate, and […]